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FreeCom Savings Account

The Higher You Save
the Higher You Earn

CBC understands your need the best! Avail hassle free services just by maintaining a minimum of BDT 100,000 in your FreeCom Savings account.


The Essentials

  • Guaranteed higher return

  • Higher interest rates as your deposit value increases

  • You can open an account with a minimum deposit of BDT 100,000.00


High interest rate

Earn a higher interest rate for your savings as your account balance grows.
Interest will be calculated on the daily balance and credited to your account half yearly.


Special feature, completely free

Account maintenance- Free

Cheque Book- Free

Debit Card- Free, internet banking, e-Passbook and Credit Card- Free (*Conditions has to be discussed.).


Fast, easy and secure access

Enjoy fast, convenient and 24 x 7 unlimited access points to your account from anywhere in the world through Online Banking or through the millions of ATMs belonging to Visa and NPSB networks.


No restrictions on withdrawals

Your money is freely available for withdrawals or transfers. No prior notice is required*. There is no minimum period for deposits.


Online Banking facility

Commercial Bank Online Banking facility annual charge free.

Learn more about FreeCom Savings Account

This account can be opened by anyone who is eligible to open normal Savings account with an initial deposit of BDT 100,000.00

Interest in FreeCom Savings Account will be calculated on daily basis and credited half yearly

Interest will accrue for the days when the account balance exceeds BDT 100,000.00


Account Opening Process

FreeCom savings account could be opened by anyone who is eligible to open a normal savings account with an initial deposit of BDT 100,000.00. Thereafter, the customer has to maintain an average balance of BDT 100,000.00 in the account at any given time.

Terms & Conditions apply
Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.
* for withdrawal through Cheque, Positive Pay Instruction may be required based on the cheque value. Form can be downloaded here.

Interest Rates

Interest Rate ( p.a.) Annual Percentage Rate
DotCom (Teen Saver) Accounts 111 1.250222 0333
SAVINGS-INT ANNUALLY BDT 0 - BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
SAVINGS-INT ANNUALLY BDT 25,000-500,000 111 .750222 0333
SAVINGS-INT ANNUALLY BDT 500,000 & ABOVE111 1.000222 0333
SAVINGS-MONTHLY INT BDT 0 - BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
SAVINGS-MONTHLY INT BDT 25,000-500,000 111 .750222 0333
SAVINGS-MONTHLY INT BDT 500,000 & ABOVE 111 1.000222 0333
PCS ACCOUNT BDT 0 - BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
PCS ACCOUNT BDT 25,000 AND ABOVE 111 1.250222 0333
SPECIAL PCS ACCOUNT BDT 0 - BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
SPECIAL PCS ACCOUNT BDT 25,000 AND ABOVE111 1.500222 0333
BONUS SAVINGS BDT 0 TO BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
BONUS SAVINGS BDT 25,000 AND ABOVE 111 1.000222 0333
INVESTMENT SAVINGS 111 3.000222 0333
FREECOM SAVINGS BDT 0 - BDT 25,000 111 0222 0333
FREECOM SAVINGS BDT 25,000 AND ABOVE 111 1.500222 0333

Open an account

Who can open accounts

  • You need to be a resident of Bangladesh and over the age of 18 years .


What you need to bring 

  • National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration along with a Photo Identity or Passport
  • Recently taken passport size photographs (2 copies)
  • Introduction of the Nominee and his/her photographs (1 copy)
  • Introduction of the Introducer
  • Initial deposit amount to open account
  • You need to make a minimum deposit of BDT 100,000.00 to open the account.

How to apply

Download application form and submit the filled form along with other required documents to any Commercial Bank branch