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Customer Charter

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Customer Charter



A Customer Charter recognizes the prerogative of the customer to exercise their rights to get the service they demand based on banker customer relationship. Considering the fact that the Banking Service is still the most important conduit of providing financial service to the people, Commercial Bank of Ceylon Plc Bangladesh sets out the Customer Service with firm commitment to deliver a high standard of customer service. Our service strategy is to serve with passion, putting our customers first in everything we do. We are committed to provide you with banking that are simple to understand and delivered in a responsible manner by our people, in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, where people make the difference. We are constantly working towards improving the standard of service with your help.



-To provide Uniform Guidance to all staff/branches to follow the standard customer service practices and Individual Code of Conduct, code of ethics and handle customer satisfactorily and quickly delighting them efficiently.

-To provide operational and Managerial guidance to staff

-To make aware risk management issues associated with customer services.


Focused Areas:


  1. Consistently deliver high levels of service at any of CBC branches.
  2. Provide accessible and convenient service through CBC ATMs at all branches, as well as online banking facilities available 24 hours a day.



  1. All CBC products and services comply with relevant laws and regulation as stipulated by Bangladesh Bank.
  2. Provide easy, simple to understand products, with no hidden fees. We explain and help you understand the financial benefits of our products and service that you are interest in, how it work, and the risks involved.
  3. CBC appreciates the understanding of our customers on what we can and cannot deliver.
  4. The due diligence process that the Bank would follow, will involve providing documentation, verifying the customer’s identity, verifying the address and information on the customer’s occupation or business and source of funds. As part of the due diligence process, the Bank may also require an introduction from a person acceptable to the Bank if they so deem necessary.



  1. CBC will treat everyone equally irrespective of the community, religion. Nationality, social status, occupation, age and gender.
  2. CBC will act fairly and reasonably towards everyone in a consistent and ethical manner.
  3. CBC believe excellent customer relationships by – developing trust through open, honest, and simple communication – being approachable and listening to your views.



  1. CBC will ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of customers’ information is respected at all times, according to the Laws and Codes of conduct that govern banking institutions.



  1. CBC will provide you with clear, relevant information to help you make any decision about our products and services. Where applicable, a set of terms and conditions relating to each bank product and service will be made available to you with all the fees, charges, penalties and relevant interest rates. Your liabilities and obligations in the use of a banking product and service at CBC will also be highlighted.
  2. CBC will inform you, through various channels (e.g. through its Branch network, over the Internet) of available products and services. You can therefore visit your nearest CBC branch for further information and also provide feedback to us through these channels.


Legal Basics of the Customer Charter:

Kindly refer to the Paragraphs No. 2.09 of Part – II of “Guidelines for Customer Service and Compliant Management” issued by “Financial Integrity & Customer Services Department” (Customer Services Division) of Bangladesh Bank in June 2014.


Impact of the Violation of the Charter:

We value Customer feedback, both good and bad, and want to hear from them. If any customer has any complaint about something or something has gone wrong, we want to know so we can put it right for our customers at the shortest possible time and reduce the chance of it happening again.

Full detail of our complaints lodging procedure can be found on our website www.combank.net.bd if you have an issue that is not settled to your satisfaction, you can contact the following high official committee member listed below:

Mr. Najith Meewanage       :           kapilaliyanage@combankbd.com

Mr. Mosharaf Hossain        :           mosharafhossain@combankbd.com

Hereafter, any violation of the Customer Charter by any one of the staff members may call for disciplinary action.


Customers’ Rights:

We preserve the following rights for our valued customers.

  • Ability to get Banking service at any of our Branches, SME Service Centers and alternative delivery channels (ATM, Card Center and Call Center).
  • Free to apply for any products/services offered by the Bank.
  • Get feedback on any service related question through any Branch, SME Service Center, Card Center (88 02 9665168) or E-mail (email@combankbd.net).
  • Get suggestion about Bank’s services or complaint against any service.
  • Get required information regarding any product/service related fees & charges, documents and terms & conditions.
  • Get mini statement or details statement of own Bank Account.
  • To know about Loan/Deposit interest rate (whether changeable), frequency of interest payment/deduction and method of interest calculation.
  • To get receipt upon cash deposit or payment of installment over the counter.
  • To know about the legal obligation of the Customer, Borrower, Introducer and Guarantor.
  • To get a copy of Loan sanction letter


Customers’ Obligations:

We believe in providing service to our valued customers. Customers have every right to inquire about any product and service related information or avail any service and product offered by the Bank. However, in order to obtain uninterrupted Banking service customers have following obligations as well.


  • To follow the banking norms, practices and functional rules, etc.
  • To abide by the terms and conditions prescribed for each banking product/ services and provide full & correct information.
  • To follow the disciplinary arrangement at the customer service point.
  • To lodge the grievances in appropriate manner or in prescribed form.
  • To keep the Bank informed about the changes of address, phone number, KYC and TP (Transaction Profile).
  • Not to place any irrational demand, argument and act indecently.
  • To ask any query at Customer Service Desk.
  • To avoid any misunderstanding as far as possible.


Standard of Service:

As we work towards improving our standard of service, we aim to provide out service efficiently and effectively. To this end, a time frame has been set out within which service should be delivered the respective services.

List of services

Initiating Level  (Customer service point)

Disposal level

Total time limit (Duration)

Account Opening




1.       Current A/C

1 & 2


20-30 Min

2.       Saving A/C

1 & 2


15-20 Min

3.       FDR

1 & 2


15-20 Min

4.       DPS

1 & 2


15-20 Min

Cash Cheque payment




1.       High value



05-10 Min

2.       Poor value



05 Min

Cash Deposit



05-15 Min

Domestic – Cheque Clearing



1 days

Foreign – Cheque Clearing



7 – 15 days

Short Term Loan sanction



2-3 week

Long Term Loan sanction



3-4 week

Remittance Issue




1.       Local PO/DD/TT

1 & 2


15-20 Min

2.       Foreign DD/TT

1 & 2


15-20 Min

Utility Bill receipt



05-10 Min

Bill payment



05-10 Min

LC Issuance




1.       Cash LC 

4 & 5


Same day

2.       BTB LC

4 & 5


Following day

Bank Guarantee Issuance

4 & 5


Same day

Bill Acceptance

4 & 5


As per UCPDC

Issuing Cheque Book

1 & 2


3-4 days

Balance Confirmation Certificates




1.       Personal A/C

1 & 2


Same day

2.       Institutional A/C

1 & 2


2 days

Statement of Account issue

1 & 2


1-2 days

Issuing Debit / Credit card




1.       Debit card

1 & 2


2 days

2.       Credit card



1 week


Easy Reference:

            Service point 1                       :           Inquiries

            Service point 2                       :           Saving / Fixed Deposit / Asst. Manager

            Service point 3                       :           Teller / Casher

            Service point 4                       :           Manager Credit / Loan Officer

            Service point 5                       :           Manager Trade Finance / Officer Trade



We are Committed to Making Banking Easy



Serve the majority of customers promptly

Qualified staff is available. To provide service when required.


Provide you with friendly and helpful service whenever you deal with us.

We will endeavor to provide updated, comprehensive and courteous service through our multi channel or touch points.


Aim to answer your call promptly when you call us

Within 3 rings


Help customers manage their accounts, provide loan statement

Financing statements: On monthly & quarterly basis or upon request by customer.


We are Committed to Helping  when You Need Us



Respond to written inquiries promptly

Respond to acknowledge receipt of written enquiries with 24 hours.
If follow up and feedback is required, we will revert to the customer no later than two (2) working days from receiving the enquiry.
-Where enquiry is complex, you will be attended in an efficient and timely manner, and kept updated on the progress.


We are Committed to Listening



Resolve customer complaints fairly, consistently and promptly.

Aim for 80% of customers to be satisfied with the way their complaint has been handled.


Actively seek your thoughts and suggestions on how we can better serve you.

Customer may provide us feedback at via website i.e. www.combank.net, feedback form, email, fax or write directly to us.


We are Committed to Processing Your Application Quickly



Loan Application

All our financing application will be processed and the decision thereon shall be given within 30 working days from the date of complete full documents and information having been received by the bank


Application Forms/Interview Form & Checklist

We will provide you with advice and explain you the process flow of loan application and establish a clear set of procedures to ensure that are easy to understand.


Letter of Offer (LOF)

We will endeavor to issue LO efficiently and speedily in accordance to our internal policies.


Disbursement Proposal

All financing disbursement applications that are complete and fulfill the pre-disbursement conditions will be processed within four (4) working days.