Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC always safeguards the interest of its customers and committed to provide highest standard of services. You may wish to compliment us, provide suggestions or make a complaint. Please let us know what initiatives we could take to benefit you.

Any issue brought to our attention will be treated in a confidential manner, and discussed only with the people who need to be involved. You can provide your valuable feedback or make any compliant to following person who will take all efforts to resolve the issue.

Mr. Kapila Liyanage - Chief Operating Officer ( COO )

Tel. +880 2 48810026, Email:

Mr. Mosharaf Hossain - Head of Internal Control and Compliance

Tel. +880 2 9896054, Email:

If such resolution is not up to your expectation or if the issue raised by you is not settled within 4 weeks, the services of an independent Financial Ombudsman are available for you to take your complaint to, for further details please ask an officer in the office you deal with or contact the office of the Ombudsman direct. Contact details are as follows.
You may also dial 16236 (Bangladesh Bank Hotline) during office hour to tell about your grievances to Bangladesh Bank