Optimize the way you view your web browser


If you have difficulty in reading the Commercial Bank website on your screen, you may be able to change the settings on your browser to help you improve their visibility.


How to change visibility features

The following suggestions to improve the visibility of web pages will apply to any site that you visit. However, you may find that not all pages within a site are compatible. The images on the screen will not be affected. These instructions have been tested with Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7.


To apply the font and color changes below permanently:


Text with a sans serif font (such as Arial) is easier to read than a serif font (such as Times New Roman). To change the text font:


To enlarge the text:

Combinations of fonts, typefaces and background colors used in web page design may result in text being difficult to read. However, you can choose settings to suit you. For example black text on a yellow background gives a distinct contrast.


To change the text color and background color:


To prevent graphics from appearing on web pages:


To change the size of the window:


There are other options to tailor web pages that help make them easier to read. These may be found under the 'Tools' menu: