CBC Digital

In Sync with the Future

CBC Digital

In Sync with the Future


‘CBC Digital’ is an advanced online banking platform with its own mobile application which allows you to handle your finances swiftly and securely. The mobile application is compatible with iOS, Android and Huawei, and complies with international standards and best practices adopted to provide utmost user security.


‘CBC Digital’ is offered through a responsive web application and three native mobile applications which enables access across all devices such as Desktop PCs, Laptop Computers, Tabs and Smart Phones. It consists of internationally recognized user security features with industry standards and a vast range of services.

Enhancing the user convenience, ‘CBC Digital’ features a range of built-in options that allow you to customize your digital banking preferences, on your own without the assistance of a bank agent.

Any CBC account holder who has not already registered can register through Self Registration process online for this facility 24/7 and enjoy its features without visiting a branch.

‘CBC Digital’ offers services such as checking balances of Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Investments, Loans and Credit Card accounts and transactional activities such as applying for Fixed Deposits, instant payments across the banking network, share trading settlements etc can be carried out securely.

‘CBC Digital’ also supports Mobile Top Up to all the telecom operators in Bangladesh.

Available facilities 

Online features

  • Access via Smart Phone /Tab/ Web 
  • Biometrics Login Access 
  • Self-registration for Personal accountholders 
  • Username password auto-recovery/Self-unblock facility 
  • Device registration for secure login & device management 
  • Quick access through widgets to access available balance/ upcoming payments and templates
  • Changing Username / Password 
  • Selection of alert & setting up of alert delivery methods 
  • Exchange rate inquiry with graphical presentation of fluctuations 
  • Dash board view of all accounts maintained under a single identity 
  • Transaction history view of Current/Saving accounts & Cards with holds/ pending transactions 
  • Accounts statement download in PDF format 
  • Option to instruct the Bank to stop generating printed statements 
  • View upcoming/ scheduled payments & modify as necessary 
  • Bill payments with real time updates depending on the capability of the biller 
  • Fund transfer between own accounts 
  • Intra Bank fund transfers with real time update 
  • Domestic bank fund transfers with real time credit to beneficiary account 
  • International fund transfers with option to upload the supporting documents 
  • Bill payments & Fund transfers can be scheduled for a future date 
  • Own Credit Card settlement 
  • Intra Bank third party Credit Card settlement 
  • Other Bank card settlements could be done via Domestic Fund Transfer option
  • Investment in Fixed Deposit
  • Setup recurring / repeated payments & transfers 
  • Creation of payment templates/ manage templates 
  • Registration of frequent beneficiaries 
  • Manage own accounts – Exclude/Inquiry only/Transaction only/No restriction
  • Cyber receipts can be shared via email/ any other form eg: WhatsApp 
  • Order cheque book to be collected at branches 
  • Request Bank drafts
  • Send secured message to bank with attachment/ reply with History 
  • View messages from Bank 
  • Block Credit/ Debit Cards
  • Request replacement cards for blocked cards
  • View linked accounts to Debit Cards
  • View assigned limits on Debit/Credit cards

Offline features 

  • Exchange Rates 
  • Interest Rates 
  • Branch/ ATM locator 
  • Contact Information 

Rates & tariffs

 Please refer to schedule of charges. 


Any customer who operates an account (Sole / Joint) in Commercial Bank. 


  • Easy online self registration
  • Stable & secure access
  • Instantaneous transactions  
  • Seamless connectivity on any device 

Procedures to apply and to use

Documents required : 

You can enrol to ‘CBC Digital’ online without submitting any documents to the Bank. However, if you want access to your joint account, you need to hand over an application signed by all parties to the account to grant permission to access the account using ‘ CBC Digital’. 

You may use the Bank’s standard common service application (signed by all parties) for this purpose.

How to register :

  1. Go to ‘CBC Digital’ Login Page and click ‘Enrol to CBC Digital’. 
  2. Step 1 –> Enter NID/Passport and one of your Bank Account Numbers. Tick CAPTCHA and click Next.
  3. Step 2 –> Enter your Mobile Number. Format: +880XXXXXXXX and click Next. 
  4. You will receive a Verification Code to your Mobile phone
  5. Step 3 –> Enter the Verification Code and click Next.
  6. Step 4 –> Enter a Username of your choice. Read the instructions on screen on how to choose a username. 
  7. Step 5 –> Enter a Password of your choice. Read the instructions on screen on how to create a password. Re-enter the password to confirm and click Submit. 
  8. When you complete these steps successfully, you will be taken to your ‘CBC Digital’ Home Page. You will also receive an email/sms confirming the registration. 
  9. An agent from the Bank will call for a quick verification and enhance your access level to let you enjoy the full range of ‘CBC Digital’ services. 

Important Note :

If the details you entered for the registration does not match or have not been updated with the Bank, you will be requested to update the information by submitting a written request to your account holding branch. You may self-register for ‘CBC Digital’ once the information is updated with the Bank. 

Terms & Conditions apply
Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.

CBC Digital

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CBC Digital

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CBC Digital

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